Please Note* All prices may vary

All our designs are customizable and can be altered to your needs I.E

  • Dimensions
  • Design
  • Materials used
  • Finish
  • etc

In turn prices may vary on quotation of custom products.

Childrens Outdoor Play

Childrens Play Bench or Potting Bench

Children love their own workbench and our childrens potting bench/ workbench is made from reclaimed...

Your price: £66.00

The Hidy Hut

Our Hidy Hut is a cube measuring 110cms x 110cmsx 110cms x 110cms. Made from recycled material it...

Your price: £280.00

The Gingerbread House

Outdoor playhouse made in Just Wood style from recycled materials, each one is different as it...

Your price: £390.00

Water Play Station

Our water play stations are unique, made from recycled materials and free standing. With funnels,...

Your price: £190.00

Outdoor Tepee

Our outdoor Tepee is made from very sturdy reclaimed wood. It makes a lovely playhouse for children...

Your price: £575.00

Esmes' House

Esmes' House is 6ft x 4ft and at the apex is about 5ft high Handmade from reclaimed timber with...

Your price: £800.00

Mud Kitchen

Our mud kitchens are made from reclaimed timber and other materials with children in mind.  

Your price: £80.00