Just Wood Leicestershire CIC

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) otherwise known as a Social Enterprise. We don't have shareholders and any profits we make are reinvested in the company, used to support our volunteers to gain training in the industry or related industries, or to support education projects focussing on recycling and reusing.

Our Community Interest Company is registered and our number is 07975001. We were incorporated on 5th March 2012 and began trading in April 2013.

We have been supported through a start up grant by Wates Giving, we would like to thank the Wates family for their support in those early stages.

Just Wood is currently managed by 2 women:

Del Acton  Director

Carole Jennings  Yard Manager










History of Just Wood Leicestershire

Just Wood is a Community Interest Company established in March 2012 to reduce the amount of wood entering landfill.

We also aim to provide a limited number of volunteering opportunties for people in the area who are unemployed or who want to share their skills with others